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If you’re a fan of spy movies such as Mission Impossible or James Bond, or even a TV series like Alias or Bugs, then you’re probably fascinated by the world of spy gadgets. Spy gadgets aren’t just an invention for the movies, as most of them exist in real life. As in the movies, the best spy gadgets are the ones that can be covertly hidden in everyday objects. It’s surprising just how many gizmos you can buy for real.

Wired Pinhole Spy Camera

A spy gadget is a device that allows you to gain useful information about an individual or individuals without their knowledge. A common perception is that all spy gadgets are electronic, but consider that even a pair of binoculars used in the right context serves as a spy gizmo! However, this site is mainly focused on the electronic spy gadgets, as they are usually the most interesting!

Triband Jammer

If you’re interested in buying any spy gadgets, I strongly suggest that you do your research to avoid getting ripped off. Many high street “spy shops” sell devices with outrageously exaggerated features and highly inflated prices. In particular, the shops in Mayfair need to charge high prices to justify the high costs of running a shop in London!

My experience has shown that the internet is the best place to get equipment at the most competitive prices, particularly as it’s very easy to compare prices between many different websites. In addition to the conventional online spy shops, you can also find bargains on eBay and Maplin.